It has worked well for American presidents. We think it works well for rialto.

Franklin Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and others have each had an informal, well-connected and insightful group of advisors - a kitchen cabinet.

rialto is very proud of the diverse group of men and women who comprise our kitchen cabinet. They keep us informed, on edge, current and challenged. They help us do a better job - professionally and, sometimes, even personally.

Our kitchen cabinet is made up of experts in health care, health technology, medicine, insurance, news, consulting, law, collaboration, medical devices, biotechnology, non-profits and public health. They, also, are very good people.

Here is a brief introduction of our kitchen cabinet:

Tad Harmon, corporate director of design and brand, Microsoft Corporation.
Holt Anderson, executive director of the North Carolina Health Information & Communications Alliance.
Dixie B. Baker, a nationally prominent and remarkable expert in technology and Internet security.
Rebecca Oles, Neoforma’ s director of marketing.
Laura Ripp, entrepreneur, health technology consultant, trained as an RN and holding a Masters degree in public health.
Margit Chapman, vice president client services of HealthLink, Inc.
Cindi Pendergraft, director of marketing for the Talaris Research Institute.
John Christiansen, health consultant with PriceWaterhouseCoopers.
David Allen, is the director of development for the American Cancer Society’s west coast operations.
Marc Ulrich, leads the Washington state health practice for the technology-focused executive search firm KForce Professional Staffing.
Ms. Sydney Smith Zvara, executive director, Association of Washington Health Plans.
Robert Cundall is chief financial officer of the Seattle Art Museum.
John Snyder heads one of the best investor relations firms on the west coast, Snyder Investor Relations.
Jim McHaney is a senior healthcare consultant at Milliman USA out of Atlanta.
Debra Preitkis, with KGO-TV in San Francisco (the ABC-TV affiliate).
Joe Nichols, our completely un-official and none-the-less, highly skilled chief medical officer, Joe is the director of healthcare operations at Edifecs.
Dennis A. Hunt, vice president communications and public affairs, The California Endowment.